#ShowingSelfLove by Jettie

Initially when I thought about how I practice self love l was stuck. Like most women, I am usually busy caring for and serving others around me that I often forget to refill my own "love tank." Whether that's counseling my students at work, encouraging the leaders I serve, or just being a shoulder to cry on for a my closest friends... I am always pouring love into others. 

After reflecting on yesterday's journal prompt, I was immediately reminded of the things that make me feel good!  The first thing is realizing that I alone am ENOUGH. The world often tells us that our value and self-love should come from an external source: a new pair of shoes, a promotion, how I look, having the perfect job, words of affirmation from others, etc. 

However I am reminded that I have always been enough. From the moment that I was knitted in my mothers womb and my purpose was placed in my heart I was enough. I am enough and will always be enough. So today I will celebrate me by uninterrupted QUIET TIME: a time where I can listen to music, dance to bachata, paint my nails, read a book, speak words of encouragement to myself, edit random photos, color, play with makeup, or just sit on the floor of my bedroom and simply exist. 

Here are some other examples of how we can wholeheartedly celebrate ourselves in actions:

  • Words and thoughts
  • Caring for your body
  • Allowing yourself to feel/express emotion
  • Being wholeheartedly you
  • Spend time with yourself
  • Catch up on your favorite show, book, movie
  • Make yourself a meal

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Jettie is an enthusiastic lover of dark chocolate, salsa dancing, and taking cozy naps. She holds a Master’s degree from Howard University and loves to speak Spanish, work with students, as well as plunging deeply into bible stories with her close sister-friends. When Jettie is not serving as a Family Counselor or working with youth you can find her making rap videos on Snapchat, journaling while driving, cooking a savory meal for friends, spreading love through photography, or sunbathing on the shorelines of a Caribbean island.