A year ago, I would’ve never imagined telling myself that May would be a month of transition, freedom, mourning, and elevation. Looking back, I probably balanced A LOT without even knowing it, but that’s a testament to the strength possessed when it’s from Him. That’s evidence of the blossoming that was taking place …

So let’s go back to May 12, 2018, when I declared freedom in my life in two areas: in my spirit and with my hair.

From January 2018 to May 2018 I lived life with a group of women called my Freedom Group. We pursued truth and love and freedom in Christ like never before. I addressed bondage I thought I had dealt with on my own and realized that my own power was no match for His. I prayed that chains would be revealed, removed, and replaced with God’s best for my life. Weights were literally lifted from my shoulders and I was free, indeed.

I had been baptized as a child, however, this moment of freedom and commitment to God’s best for me was commemorated by a public display of my release of the old and dedication to my new life: baptism.

It was a beautiful experience, especially having my small group leader, classmate, and Johnson sister, Sharonda, baptize me. I love her for being a part of my life and loving me through the journey.


That same night I felt a new breath in me which led to my next freedom commemoration: beginning my locs.

Another woman in my life that has journeyed with me since we were 15 years old, my best sisterfriend, Monique, started my 108 locs that night. I knew that this commitment to not only a more freeing style but also “trusting-the-process” would require me to remember why I committed to the journeys in the first place when I was tempted to quit or go backwards.


A year later, and here we are today. Has the journey been easy? Of course not. Daily I read God’s truth and love to remind me of my freedom and blessed life. Has rocking locs been easy? Not at all. I’ve had to reflect on my perception of myself in regards to my hair, learn what an investment self-care in regards to my hair would be, and remember that time and patience help me grow — not rushing the process. But would not change this last year’s journey for anything.

Baptism, beginning my loc journey, and so much else happened in May 2018, and this is just the half … stay tuned.